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SAK Parking Unipark Lock is an automatic remote controlled device designed to reserve your parking space. Using a remote, you can raise and lower the lock. The mounting bolts can only be opened with the key, providing extra security.

Our Parking Unipark Locks is made of hot dipped galvanized steel and finished with UV resistant powder coated finish to endure all weather and water conditions.

Our Parking Unipark Locks are heavy duty, waterproof, with durable design. Bright yellow color with No Parking sign are clearly visible. The Product is Perfect for your home, business or office. Reserve your parking space and have the peace of mind knowing no one will park in your spot with this reliable parking lock.

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SAK Parking Unipark Locks provide you piece of mind knowing that your always going to get a space available to park. No one can “steal” your space any longer.

Our simple to install and easy to use heavy duty manual parking protector allows you to protect and access your parking space at any time. These heavy duty manual car space protectors are the simple solution to protect your parking space and guard it from unauthorized use.

There are 2 keys supplied with the kit. With these keys, simply manually unlock the parking protectors to lower and lay flat, and then drive your vehicle into your parking space. When you have removed your vehicle from your parking space, simply manually raise up the parking protector and it will self lock no key required.

While your parking protector is raised, no one can park in your parking space. Technical Details Waterproof and dust proof finish.