Maintenance after Sales

SAK provides round the clock service for emergency repairs. Fully equipped and experienced team can attend any time to secure solving the problems equipment and parts are available to service virtually any residential, industrial and commercial products.

SAK offers an excellent after sales services (Planned Maintenance Program) Features and services with the planned maintenance programme, you receive a full range of service treatment by trained experts, which means trouble free operation. Inspection all parts, fasteners, welds and overall operation of equipment are carefully examined and evaluated. Cleaning of all moving parts to remove debris build up as a result of normal operation is performed on the equipment.

In addition, this procedure also includes a cleaning of the surroundings area to promote safety and to remove any outside interference.

Adjustment is needed on a periodic basis because parts become disengaged and misaligned if not maintained in the specific maintenance time. Our service professionals regularly adjust equipment as started in the manufactures manual to maintain proper working condition and validate the warranty. Lubrication all moving parts and assemblies applications of necessary lubricant according to the manufacture requirements.

Final Inspection after a final review of the entire operation of equipment an accurate service representative makes recommendation and notes required parts. Parts / Extra Works while a planned maintenance programme may extend the quality and duration of your equipment, it cannot guarantee unextending life to any product. Eventually parts reach the end of their functional life and require replacement. Upon the customer’s authorization, the necessary parts will be replaced. Parts and labor will be billed additionally.

Immediate response in an emergency situation, the planned maintenance program prioritizes immediate action to the customer and expedites the return of productivity to both equipment and employees. If your equipment requires emergency assistance.