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What is the FAST ACTION Door or DYNAMIC Door?
The FAST ACTION Door or DYNAMIC Door (also known as ‘speed doors’) is a high speed door with a PVC curtain. Giving an opening speed of up to 2 m/s. This means that it is perfect for high traffic areas opening quickly giving you smooth traffic management.

Fast action roller doors facilitate easy and rapid access to and fro environmentally-controlled buildings or rooms whilst minimizing temperature changes compared with slower acting doors.

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Fast Action Doors from SAK are ideally suited to application such as avoiding heat loss in a warehouse or distribution centers to protecting the refrigerated rooms and the sensitive environments required in the pharmaceutical industry.

High speed doors can be fitted in conjunction with sectional overhead doors to provide an excellent combination of security, protection and ease of access. Each door is custom-designed to each application. These are the most common customization that can be specified