Training Programmes

Training, developing and supervising dept. in SAK Co. conduct and supervise training and developing programme for employees (technicians, salesman, sales engineers,). Increasingly, SAK management recognize that training offers a way of developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building worker loyalty to the firm, and most importantly, increasing individual and organizational performance to achieve business results. Training is widely accepted as an employee benefit and a method of improving employee morale increasingly developing the skills and knowledge of its work force.

Other factors involved in determining whether training is needed include the complexity of the work environment. The rapid pace of organizational and technological change, and the growing number of jobs in fields that constantly generate new knowledge, and thus, require new skills.

Training in SAK is provided in the classroom and sites. This includes setting up teaching materials prior to the staff, involving the staff, and issuing all data then testing the people to ensure that the course meets its objectives and is measured and evaluated to understand how learning impacts business results.

Training supervisor plan, organize, and direct a wide range of training activities. They help all employees maintain and improve their job skills, and possibly prepare for jobs requiring greater skill. They help employees improve their skills in order to deal effectively with customers also lead programs to assist employees with job transitions as a result of mergers and acquisitions, as well as technological changes.

Planning and programme development is an essential part of the supervisor’s job. In order to identify and assess training needs within the firm, they also evaluate training effectiveness to ensure that the training employees receive helps and achieve results.